Vitamin D3


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(Available in 4000iu. The 2000iu is currently out of stock)

Vibrant Health's certified organic tablet provides a delivery vehicle for Vitamin D3 that is free of contaminants, genetically modified substances or other undesirable components. 
Vitamin D3 is an extremely concentrated nutrient. Only a very tiny amount is needed to deliver significant potency. Imagine a typical D3 supplement. The tiny dot near the center represents how much of the finished product is actually vitamin D3. The rest is made up of excipients. They may be gelatin from pigs or cattle, soy oil and lecithin if the supplement is a softgel capsule. Or they could be various forms of starch, magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate, gelatin, cellulose and a host of other binders, fillers and lubricants if the supplement is a two-piece capsule or tablet. The point is that every vitamin D3 supplement is all excipient with a dash of vitamin D3 added to it. The nutrient is that potent!

Vibrant Health believes that if a vitamin D3 supplement MUST be made mostly of excipients, then those excipients should be the cleanest, heatlhiest ones available.That is why we developed the Organitab, a tablet made almost entirely of certified organic ingredients. Each Vibrant Health Vitamin D3 product is more than 97% certified organic. That is the value of our Organitabs.

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